A new brand and direction to make it all count.
Project scope:  Brand workshop – Messaging – Stylescapes – Logo Design – Visual Identity – Stationery
Encounter Group is a financial planning business based in South Australia, specialising in serving rural areas across the state. They take great pride in delivering genuine and personalised service to their clients, helping them achieve their financial goals and build a better tomorrow. To better reflect their customer-centric values and stand out in a highly competitive financial market, Encounter Group approached Red5 Creative for assistance in refining and developing a unique brand identity. Our goal was to create a distinctive brand that would capture Encounter Group's essence and appeal to its target audience.
The Impact
Encounter’s new brand identity has helped them stand out in a crowded financial market. Their personalised approach to financial solutions and new value proposition have resonated well with clients, resulting in increased engagement and positive feedback. By focusing on the unique needs of each client, Encounter has been able to deliver tailored solutions that help clients achieve their financial goals. This project has not only enhanced Encounter’s reputation but also reinforced its commitment to providing genuine personal service and care to its clients.

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