Website UI design
Ros Yuen is a psychologist and family therapist practising at Kensington, South Australia, whose primary aim is to interrupt clients’ existing patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour to overcome their distress.
The challenge was to create a website design that was clear and easy to navigate while providing a trustworthy and inviting user experience. The current website was looking tired and dated and the new design needed to implement a recently updated logo.
Borrowing on design cues from the existing logo, circles, curved shapes and a geometric typography style were implemented into the web design. A muted grey colour palette, along with the green shades from the logo was used to reinforce a calming and reassuring effect. The client loved the new design and approved the concepts with minimal tweaks. A blog page was developed along with a content guide template for the developers to use. Since the new website has gone live, there have been significant increases in client enquires.

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