A new company and new identity, connecting Australians for generations.
As a leading entity in owning, building, operating and managing a robust network of physical and digital infrastructure, ATN's purpose is to underpin the development of world-class wireless networks that meet the high demands of our digital society. 
Their commitment encompasses dedication to meeting the high expectations of their diverse clientele, ranging from major telecommunication network carriers and wireless internet providers to state government networks and property developers. 
The visual identity we've crafted instils a sense of independence, trust, and reassurance, representing ATN’s unwavering commitment and forward-thinking ethos. It reflects their mission to provide long-term solutions that pave the way for digital transformation and progress, ensuring Australians stay connected for generations to come.
Brand attributes \\
The Process
We commenced with an engaging brand discovery session, diving deep into the essence of ATN's brand. By exploring their mission (the "why"), operational approach (the "how"), and offerings (the "what"), we gained comprehensive insights.
Additionally, we explored understanding their customer base and future goals. Continuing the journey, we crafted stylescapes—carefully curated visual mood boards designed to establish the tone for ATN's distinctive aesthetic. This vital phase played an important role in establishing a clear and tangible visual direction. 
Next, we meticulously developed logo concepts, ensuring ATN's visual identity was more than just pretty pictures. By strategically blending design elements, we created an identity that authentically connects with ATN's brand essence.
Stylescapes \\
Corporate Typeface \\

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