Trio Patriot deadbolt
Trio Australia, part of the Trio Group, has been a family-owned manufacturing and marketing business for over 40 years. In 2015, Trio reinvented deadbolts in the hardware industry with their innovative Australian-designed, owned and patented Trio Patriot Deadbolt.
The creative objective was to portray the same level of innovation in the branding as the product, so a minimal and sleek design solution was developed, focusing on the product and its unique features. Using a dominating black canvas to work on, gave the graphic elements and typography the opportunity to really stand out.
The packaging featured coloured foiling which gave the product a premium and high-quality feel. A product website, roll-fold brochure, magazine advertising and exhibition stand were also developed to support product sales. Product photography played an important role in making sure that the deadbolts looked their shiny best.
STUDIO: Wow Creative

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