Embarking on a journey with TACTIC, Red5 Creative encountered an invigorating branding challenge. Our task was to establish TACTIC's unique identity in the busy arena of consultancy and strategy-based companies.
The Approach
Red5 Creative embraced the challenge with a commitment to delivering a strategically creative solution. 
TACTIC foresees an environment where change is not just welcomed but embraced. With a voice that exudes bravery, TACTIC navigates businesses towards a clear and distinctive collaborative strategy.
The Solution
Brand Workshop: Delving deep into the foundations
In our comprehensive brand workshop, we delved deep into brand analysis, explored user personas, and set ambitious goals to establish a rock-solid foundation for TACTIC's identity.
Stylescapes: Shaping the visual direction
The journey continued with the creation of stylescapes—visual mood boards meticulously crafted to set the tone for TACTIC's unique aesthetic. This phase was instrumental in translating abstract concepts into tangible visual directions.
Visual Identity: Beyond the visuals
The logo concepts were brought to life, ensuring TACTIC's visual identity transcended mere visuals; it became an immersive experience. The fusion of design elements and strategic thinking resulted in an identity beyond aesthetics, resonating with TACTIC's brand essence.
Business Cards: Leaving a lasting impression
The project culminated in the design of impactful business cards, serving as a tangible extension of the brand. Using white foil on heavy, black stock made for a lasting impression, embodying the bold and authentic identity we envisioned for TACTIC.

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