The challenge
HappyWash car washes are located at OTRs all around Australia. Their aim was to simplify the traditional car wash experience by eliminating the need for customers to leave their vehicles to initiate the car wash purchase. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate technology to create a user-friendly app that streamlines the entire car wash process, from selection to payment, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction. The goal was to enhance user experience, making car washing a hassle-free and visually appealing experience.
The solution
Through research, user flows, and wireframes, OTR developed an intuitive app that allows users to initiate the car wash experience by scanning a QR code, choosing their preferred wash type, and effortlessly processing payments. The user interface (UI) design focused on simplicity and visual appeal, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. Rigorous testing, valuable feedback, and iterative refinement were conducted to fine-tune the app, culminating in a successful launch. The outcome is a cutting-edge solution that not only modernises the car wash process but also encourages users to provide valuable feedback through a post-wash review, further enhancing overall customer satisfaction. HappyWash has successfully redefined car cleaning with a user-centric approach, setting a new standard in the industry.

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