Client: Krispy Kreme SA / OTR
Campaign Photography: Duydash

The problem
Krispy Kreme was launching a limited-time range of five retro-themed doughnuts – Banoffee, Lemon Meringue, Lamington, Vanilla Slice and Kitchener Bun. The goal was to embrace the nostalgia of 80s retro themes and target a younger demographic to increase sales of previous LTOs (limited-time offers). The concepts explored different 80s-based themes using mood boards to quickly communicate several possible creative directions. A series of open sketch concept layouts were used to support the mood boards, forming the basis of the campaign poster and other creative applications.
The solution
The final creative needed to feature all five doughnuts, therefore several concept options were put forward. The concept most achievable within the time frame was the one presented here. The 'Retro Classics' logo lockup was digitally created using Illustrator and Photoshop with effects and then combined with the final brightly coloured lit product imagery.
The hero creative was then massaged into different print and digital applications, to be used both in-store and externally.
The final result was well received and the campaign had a high market appeal. A typical limited-time offer campaign usually accounts for about 10% of total sales. However, for this campaign sales were double the expected figures.
•  Campaign logo lockup  •  Hero poster creative  •  4 pack box packaging  •  Drive-thru panels  •  In-store window cling  •  Stand strips & header card  •  Doughnut price tags  •  Vertical cabinet decal  •  Digital billboards  •  Social media graphics

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