High Performance Program booklet
Brand collateral refresh
The Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy (DLCA) was created in 2005 to give cricketers from around the world access to high class coaching and the opportunity to develop their game. The DLCA develops more than just cricket skills – they provide total life experiences that equip players beyond the game of cricket.
Although DLCA already had a logo, it lacked the consistent branding to accompany it. The task at hand was to completely rebrand DLCA and visually position them as a high class coaching academy, which they currently weren't doing. 
Starting with the High Performance Program booklet, a dynamic graphic and photography style combined with energetic typography was used to create a professional result. The corporate blue and charcoal colour scheme is used liberally throughout the brand.
A similar visual language was carried through to other collateral items, such as screen presentation, stationery, pull up banner and Player Handbook.
High Performance Program booklet
High Performance Program booklet
High Performance Program Player handbook
High Performance Program on-screen presentation
Business Cards
Pull-up Banner

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